An Interview with Diane Geoghegan in Jerome, Arizona

Today we’re visiting the fantastic Diane Geoghegan in Jerome, Arizona. Diane has been featured twice on The Watercolor Gallery for her pieces Ponte Sant’ Angelo and Emily At The Window. Her style is varied yet several undertones seem to peak through her work. Vibrant landscapes, solemn – slightly washed-out portraits, and intricate cityscapes seem to be the running themes.

Diane is no one trick pony. In addition to watercolor she is a noted artist in oils, prismacolor and linocuts. But today, we’re focusing on watercolor.

Diane, how did you get started in watercolor?

“I was a noted prismacolor (pencil) artist with a young daughter and limited time so I made the switch to watercolor. The colored pencil pieces were tedious and time consuming and I was hoping to accomplish the same soft quality in watercolor.

However, I spent most of my time ripping my hair out in frustration trying to achieve the qualities I admired in watercolor.”

How have your tools changed from when you got started until now, and what are your favorite tools currently?

“I usually use traditional paper and pigment but I have experimented over the years with painting through tulle and rolling on pigment-soaked fabric with a brayer. About a year ago, I discovered the mouth atomizer, a $3 lung powered airbrush. This is the technique I used for “Emily at Window”.

There are no brush strokes – just splatters of dots.”


How do you prefer to work? Plein air, from a photograph, from memory? At a desk, outdoors, in a closet?

“I work in my beautiful studio which was the ballroom of a historic house. I try to challenge myself at the start of each piece. How can I make this different? How can I shake this up?

My goal is not to make a pretty picture but a good piece of art.”

What has been your favorite painting or painting experience?

“Painting my daughter and my niece has been a delight. I’ve done over 70 paintings of them and I’m continually inspired by their loveliness, both inside and out.”

Perhaps you could name two artists that are currently inspiring you?

Mark Mehaffey andMary Whyte (who was on CBS News and can be found here on The Watercolor Gallery)”

Diane and her work has inspired me very much. She, and many others that I feature here in The Watercolor Gallery archive, has made art her life. Constantly striving to make great pieces of art, to get better, and to teach others.

You can find out more about Diane Geoghegan from her website.