An Interview with Andrew Yeroshewych in Odessa, Ukraine

Up next in our Artist interview series here on The Watercolor Gallery we’re traveling to Odessa, Ukraine to interview Andrew Yeroshewych.

Andrew’s style is one I greatly admire. Quick, messy, artsy yet incredibly good. He’s a natural. I’ve featured him in the gallery for Untitled portrait and, at the time, mentioned how much I loved his portraits. During this interview, which I conducted with him back in September, I learned that he’s only been doing watercolor for about a year. Incredible.

He’s also an aspiring photographer (and a darn good one at that) and a designer. He’s all over the web on Flickr and the Twitter.

Let’s get on with the interview, shall we?

Andrew, how did you get started in watercolor?

“Actually I started in watercolor just about year ago. Before that I used a lot to draw using pencil and ink. Some of very first posts on my watercolor blog aren’t really watercolor. With time my passion for the ink became the need to try the watercolor.”

How have your tools changed from when you got started until now, and what are your favorite tools currently?

“As I said it was pencil and ink pen. I’ve never tried to paint by gouache or oils. And for now I use pencil much less than even half year ago. The watercolor is an alive media and painting within it is more like a game. Always trying to play with direction of canvas (paining by gravity). This is may be at this moment my favorite tool, gravity.”

How do you prefer to work? Plein air, from a photograph, from memory? At a desk, outdoors, in a closet?

“Mostly I worked at my desk with big bucket of water and MacBook with photos. I’m shooting a lot of photos thus I have huge pool of various themes for any mood. Also I like to make quick sketches on a beach when there a lot of people. So at summer time the bar also becomes my working place.”

What has been your favorite painting or painting experience?

“Favorite… this one I think. It was lovely, just hours just before sunset. Guy was staying in the sea and the sun playing with lights on his back. There were so nice gradients from cold to warm tones. Picture of the Summer!”

Perhaps you could share two watercolor artists with us that have inspired you recently?

Ko.machiyama & Nevena Nevena

Thanks to Andrew for taking the time to do this interview and for sharing all of his work here on Tumblr for everyone to learn from and be inspired by. I know Andrew has inspired me a lot over the last few months and I’m sure others can say the same.

A bar on the beach as a working place? !! Awesome.

Stay tuned as our Artist interview series takes us to Switzerland next!

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