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The Watercolor Gallery was started in 2010 as a way to collect inspiring watercolor paintings into one place – sort of like how people use Pinterest today.

It was started on Tumblr where it was awarded Site of the Week and gained a big following there. Eventually I moved the gallery to its own website and domain name and I began collecting other tidbits around watercolor and other art mediums in the videos and art spaces sections. All of these sections became fairly popular and so people began to submit their own and other people’s work that they admired.

I thought it might be interesting to give artists a space to answer some questions in the form of short text-based interviews. These have been exceedingly popular and have helped to establish the gallery’s online presence.

As of today, the gallery has 6,800+ followers on Twitter, thousands on Facebook, and even more visit the web site daily. And it is always on the first page of results on Google.

I plan to continue to curate The Watercolor Gallery for many years to come and I’m very happy that so many have been able to enjoy it.

Thanks for stopping by,
Colin Devroe, Creator and Curator

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