Video: Cordoba Cafe by Leslie Redhead in Victoria, BC, Canada

Video of Cordoba Cafe by Leslie Redhead in Victoria, BC, Canada.

I’m on a bit of a vacation this week on the coast of North Carolina so rather than writing about inspiring watercolor paintings I hope that, as you’re reading this, I’m creating a few of my own.

To keep you entertained, dear reader and dedicated fan of The Watercolor Gallery (thank you, by the way), I’ll leave you with at least one interesting thing per day while I’m away.

Today it is an incredible work of art by Leslie Redhead showing how she uses the watercolor pouring technique to create the wonderful Cordoba Cafe painting. I’ll admit it, watching Leslie’s video was the first time I was exposed to watercolor pouring. You can now consider me completely fascinated by it. I have a lot more to learn before I strike out on my own using this technique but I can guarantee I will be doing that sooner rather than later.