Welcome to The Journal: Restoring the gallery

Long-time visitors of the gallery may know that it is run by me, Colin Devroe. If you didn’t know that, hello there! Welcome to the gallery and welcome to the first journal entry I’ve ever written for it in 8 years of curating the gallery.

The gallery has had its ups and downs over the years. At first it was on Tumblr, then I moved it to WordPress.com, then to a homegrown content management system called Barley, and then it went dormant for 17 months. And just this past weekend I’ve restored the web site, acquired the domain name from the gracious person that let me borrow it for 8 years, and began bringing the data back online once again.

I still have a long way to go before I’ve fully restored the gallery to its former glory but I’m making progress. You’ll notice, if you browse the web site, that there are still broken images, formatting issues, missing pages, and even broken links. I’m spending a little time each day focused on fixing sections of the gallery to bring all of the featured paintings, interviews, videos, and links (coming soon) back to working order.

Meanwhile, I’m beginning to post new content as well. Just this week I’ve already featured a few paintings and an art space. And I have two brand-new interviews in the works. Here is a list of the new things you can see:

I have big plans for The Watercolor Gallery including an exclusive content newsletter, possible merchandise, help for artists to build their own web presences, a forum, a book club, perhaps a podcast, and much more. I would love to make this site my full-time gig and I have a lot of work to do to get there. My first goal, though, is to get the site up-and-running properly.

You can track the progress of the site by watching this journal, following along on Twitter or Facebook.

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