June’s giveaway winner, July’s sponsor and a new giveaway

My thanks again to Micro.blog for sponsoring The Watercolor Gallery in June. The team and community there are super supportive of all creative efforts and their sponsorship was proof of that. With that sponsorship the gallery is giving away a free year of hosting on Micro.blog and the winner of that is Kris @Alligator. My thanks to them for entering and to all those that entered. Be sure to sign up to Micro.blog and give @h2ocolor a follow there!

I’m really happy to say that July’s sponsor is another amazing independent software developer that also cares deeply about creativity; and that is Acorn – the image editor for humans – by Flying Meat in Seattle, Washington. I’ve used Acorn for many, many years. If you’re on the Mac and are looking for a great way to edit your images; especially if you need to edit photos of your paintings or scans of your work – Acorn is an amazing app to do just that and so much more. I urge you to check it out.

Win a free license of Acorn!

In addition to sponsoring the gallery, The Watercolor Gallery and Flying Meat are going to give away a free license to Acorn at the end of the month. We’ll be giving away the license to anyone subscribed to the gallery’s newsletter. So head over to the homepage and in the pop-up you can subscribe!

My thanks to Flying Meat for sponsoring The Watercolor Gallery in July. Be sure to following @acornapp on Twitter!