Art Space: Rick & Brenda Beerhorst of Studio Beerhorst in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Art Space: Rick & Brenda Beerhorst of Studio Beerhorst in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

I think seeing other artist’s workspaces is a great way to be inspired and to see how they work. An artist’s environment can play a lot into the work that they do.

Today’s featured art space is from Rick & Brenda Beerhorst in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Here is Rick’s description of the space:

“My new art studio in the carriage house behind our house here in Grand Rapids. It is rustic and with out electricity and I like it that way because it feel like adventure in there.”

Fantastic. This art space just reeks with creativity. It is literally dripping off of everything in the room. I like the way they are working on one painting but have several reference points; a sketch, a full size sketch, multiple headshot sketches, etc. That is a really nice easel too.

You can purchase some of Studio Beerhorst’s work on Etsy.