An Interview with Paul Shipper in South-West England

"I love the potential of technology and art - I embrace it."

Photo credit: Matt & Kristy Glasgow.

Paul Shipper does not work exclusively in watercolor, or at all, and so you may be wondering why I chose him as the next interview. Read on to find out…

An Interview with James Gurney in Rhinebeck, NY

"Doing a blog is a lot of work, and it doesn’t pay directly. The bottom-line benefits are hard to quantify."

With this interview I begin to move away from interviewing watercolor artists that have only been featured here on the gallery to interviewing artists that inspire me across the board. I’m really excited to share this interview with you.

An Interview with Barry Blitt in Connecticut

"I didn't always know I'd be doing this sort of work for a living, god no. And I'm still expecting someone who looks like they're in charge to walk into the room at any moment and tell me to stop, I've had my chance, the fun is over."

Photo credit: Wendy Carlson

This interview has been in the works since the January of this year and I couldn’t be more excited to be sharing it with all of you. Finally!

An Interview with Laober Zhu in Dubai

“Watercolor painting is effected by time, temperature, and many other factors, so it’s full of surprise, it makes watercolor so fantastic.”

I think you’ll enjoy the background story of the piece I featured and the name and feel of the painting will make a lot of sense.

An Interview with Paula Visnoski in Middletown, Rhode Island

“I learned in the beginning that you have to use the best, no cutting corners when it comes to brushes, paint and particularly paper, for quality watercolor work.”

Visnoski has a unique vision and perspective and it explodes off the canvas in her pieces.

An Interview with Paul Bailey in Southminster, UK 

“I imagine it would not be too much fun painting in the wet and cold perched on a rock whilst trying to stop my paper from being blown away in the gale!”

This interview with Paul Bailey has been a long time coming. Nearly three years in fact.

An Interview with Kannika Soonthornyankit in Bangkok, Thailand

“I prefer to work from my traveling photographs, in particular and at my familiar desk where I can grab anything when needed.”

It just so happens that Kannika’s painting is, by far, the most popular painting in our archive. When I asked my wife Eliza to assist me with picking some of the artists from our archive to interview for this series Eliza’s first choice was Kannika.

An Interview with Tina Bohlman in Waxahachie, Texas

“I prefer plein air. My ratio of plein air to studio is about 70/30. Nothing compares for inspiration and capturing light and emotion.”

Tina Bohlman has been painting since the early 1970s. For the first 20 years of her journey in watercolor she participated in an average of 30 competitions per year! The math on my napkin here tells me that is 2 or 3 competitions per month and 600 for that 20 year period.

An Interview with Rod Buckle from Scarborough, England

“I believe that everyone who buys one of my paintings deserves an original and so I will never produce prints of my work.”

Since Rod lives and paints on the north east coast of England - just on the shore of the North Sea - his paintings are generally of things dealing with the coast, the water, fishing and tourist attractions.

An Interview with Reza Rasoli in Los Angeles, California

“I have created custom watercolor splotches, strokes, spills on paper and scanned them in and used them to digitally paint my drawings.”

I firmly believed that his work was done in traditional watercolor. As it turns out, Reza uses digital tools rather than real-world ones to do his work.