About The Watercolor Gallery

Hi, my name is Colin. I've always enjoyed art. My grandparents had such beautiful paintings in their home from artists all over the world and my father has been an artist his entire life. I created The Watercolor Gallery as an online scrapbook to keep some of the most inspiring watercolor paintings I've found, as well as great art spaces, videos, and artist interviews with the artists I admire the most.

My goal with the gallery is to help others find inspiring watercolor artists through my collection. This isn't a gallery of the very best art or the most accomplished artists, it is about art that inspires me and that will hopefully inspire others.

Any art that is featured on the gallery gets the most complete attribution to the artist that I can find. Sometimes I spend hours researching a single painting to find its origin and I do my best to link to the artist's official web site, Twitter or Facebook accounts, and link to purchase their works on their store if they have one. All locations mentioned in the titles of each piece are based on where the artist currently resides, not where the painting was completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have my art featured on the gallery? Sure! Click the Submit button on the left-hand side of any page of the gallery and send in your art. I'd be happy to feature any art I find inspiring. The best thing to send me is a link to your site or a place to view your art online.

How does the gallery make money? It doesn’t. I’ve curated this gallery for over five years with no financial gain. I’ve thought of figuring out ways to support it but none seemed right. I like the artist’s work to stand on its own. If you want to support the gallery send a donation through the donate button.