Low tide by Leonard Squirrell in Ipswich, England

  • Artist: Leonard Squirrell
  • Location: Ipswich, England

Low tide (my title) by Leonard Squirrell in Ipswich, England

This isn’t my favorite piece by Leonard Squirrell. This piece was likely done in the 1940s or so. But it turns out that his watercolor work, while prolific, is tough to find online in any good quality. I really like his style though. You should take some time to browse around and find some of his work.

His style affords him to add a lot of weight and mass to objects. In the above example, albeit not the best example, you can almost sense the girth of the boats, the size of the far right wall, etc. If you look through more of his work you’ll begin to notice he had an extraordinary talent of giving things scale. Likely because he typically painted fairly large canvases.