Girl bird (or, Bird Girl) by Miss Aoki in Madrid, Spain (or, the UK).

Girl bird (or, Bird Girl) by Miss Aokiin Madrid, Spain (or, the UK).

Before we talk about Miss Aoki lets focus on this fun and colorful painting. What a great subject! A girl with purple hair, tons of features, and a colorful pet bird. What I like most about this is the illusion of texture. All of the feathers have fuzzy edges, her skin looks smooth yet real, and her hair - while very well cut - is slightly imperfect.

Love it.

So, I told you this featuring paintings on The Watercolor Gallery business wasn’t easy. Here’s why. Miss Aoki, who doesn’t share her name anywhere online, is out to confuse me I think. On Flickr she called this piece Girl bird, on her blog, Bird Girl. On her website, MySpace, Facebook and on Flickr she claims to be living in Madrid, Spain. Yet on Twitter she said she’s moved to somewhere in the UK (presumably in London because she visited a toy store there not too long ago).

Such is my life. But I love the challenge.