Pilgrims (sketch) by Tianya Zhou in Shenzhen Special Zone, 518020, China.

I’m very impressed with Zhou’s entire body of work. The man owns watercolor.com.cn, is a teacher and the editor of Chinese Watercolor Quarterly. He takes watercolor seriously.

In this particular piece I admire Zhou’s use of color. Since I’m just learning I usually begin with projects that are easy-to-do. My recent piece, Ray, uses only 2 colors. I did this on purpose. Mixing colors isn’t easy. I don’t know how many individually mixed colors are in this piece by Zhou but I know it is many, many times more than two.

The clothing truly seems to have texture, doesn’t it? The shadows all make it feel like it is late into the afternoon. And the gait of the subjects in the painting, the way they are holding their shoulders as they take the stairs, suggests that they’ve been walking a very long time. It takes a true master of his craft to capture all of that.