Woody Allen by #PAN in Taipei, Taiwan

Woody Allen by #PAN in Taipei, Taiwan.

It is OK to feel jealous of #PAN’s work here. I didn’t even know that Woody Allen plays the clarinet - apparently he does. I think it is really great to capture someone by doing a portrait of one of their other hobbies. Like Steve Martin playing the banjo or Jason Mraz in his Avocado fields. Brilliant.

This portrait is really stunning. There isn’t much to it when you examine every inch like I have - but that is where the artistry begins. Pairing down the elements of a portrait only to include the parts that are needed. All of the detail starts in the middle of the face and extends along the clarinet. Everything else around it slowly dissolves into the background.

I feel like I will be working on this particular point for the rest of my life. And I’m going to enjoy every minute of it.

#PAN keeps a few blogs: One for his watercolor work, one for his digital art,and one for his sketches. They’re equally amazing blogs and worthy of subscribing to.